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Experiencing problems with your hot water system, or are you looking for a new hot water unit option?

With over 15 years of industry related experience, Murphy Plumbing and Gas specialise in the installation, servicing and repair of all types of hot water systems. We can provide and install a wide range of electric, gas and solar hot water systems, should yours ever need replacing. And with our obligation free tailored advice, there’s no need for you to waste time and energy researching and comparing models – Murphy Plumbing and Gas are the hot water specialists you can trust to recommend the right hot water system for your family. Click here for further information on hot water system options.


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Is your hot water system faulty or leaking?

If your hot water system is faulty, leaking, or you simply don’t have any hot water. For reliable same day service – same day hot water, call Murphy Plumbing and Gas. We guarantee prompt diagnosis and repair of all faults where possible.

Have you had your hot water system serviced lately?

Whether it’s electric, gas or solar, there are many reasons why it’s important to undertake regular servicing of all hot water systems:

+ Ensures ongoing efficient performance – saving you on operating costs!

+ Identification of any parts that require replacing – Did you know that replacing the sacrificial anode in a hot water cylinder (recommended every 5 years) can prolong the life of your system, giving you up to double the life span!

+ Helps avoid unnecessary premature replacement of your system + Gives you peace of mind knowing that you’re avoiding unnecessary costs

Electric, Gas or Solar
Which hot water system is right for your family?

Choosing the right hot water system for your family can be a time consuming and confusing task – time no one has the luxury of, when faced with cold showers!
There are many important factors to consider, not least of which centre around the hot topic of ever increasing energy costs! As a purchase expected to last a number of years, you need to be assured that you’ll not only be getting a system that is water efficient and cost effective over the long term, but one that will stand the test of time.

Choosing the right hot water system for your family can be a time consuming and confusing task – time no one has the luxury of, when faced with cold showers!

Our obligation free advice and recommendations, will typically take into account the following considerations:

+ Your families budget

+ Number of bathrooms and people who’ll use hot water at the same time

+ Number and age of people in the home (eg young children typically use less hot water than teens and adults)

+ Number and type of appliances connected to your hot water at any one time (eg washing machines and dishwashers)

+ Requirements to fill a spa or bathtub utilising hot water

+ Available water pressure, water condition and climate

+ Following is a summary of the types of hot water systems available:

murphy plumbing hot water specialists, solar panel, electric heating and gas hot water
Electric hot water


Inexpensive to buy, these systems are among the most popular choice and can be connected to a range of electricity tariffs dependent on demand.

natural gas lpd icon

Natural Gas & LPG

Natural Gas & LPG – Natural gas is cost effective and environmentally friendly, if you have the connection for it. If you don’t have a connection to metered natural gas, there’s an option for bottled LPG gas. Unlike electricity, gas rates don’t vary throughout the day, making this a cheaper option over electricity. Though environmentally friendly, LPG has a significantly higher running cost than NG.

solar hot water installations brisbane


Using the sun to heat water, these systems are the most environmentally friendly, but also the most expensive to buy (though government rebates and other incentives can help offset this cost). However, the right system will pay for itself over time, with very low running costs. Bear in mind that costs will increase on overcast days, when you’ll need to boost your hot water supply by alternate means, such as electricity or gas.


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    This was the first time I contacted Todd from Murphy Plumbing and Gas. My experience was very positive. Communication was quick and service was excellent. I only had a small job to be done fixing the pipe connections from my water tank to the pump which had recently been moved! I am pleased to say all is now working beautifully! I will definitely contact Todd again for any future plumbing needs! Highly recommended!
    5 star review
    Todd was efficient, responsive and friendly. We are very happy with the job and would have no hesitation in recommending him. Thanks!
    5 star review
    Todd and his team were just fantastic and so lovely to deal with when my parents hot water system needed replacement. Courteous and kind in their dealing with older people under stress and Joeseph who fitted the system was just wonderful and cheerful. Highly recommend this great local company that has such a nice and efficient team.
    5 star review

What our customers are saying

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